NOTE:  All classes are subject to change due to range conflicts, illness, low number of students, and bad weather causing dangerous driving conditions.  

Classes start promptly at 8AM and end by 5PM.

All classes are usually scheduled on the 4th Saturday of the month. Some months have 5 Saturdays and sometimes, due to holidays and/or scheduling conflicts, the class date may change. It is best to call my business cell 704-223-0081 to confirm if you are signed up for a class.  I need at least 4 to 5 students to teach a class and a class may be moved to the next month due to lack of students. However, I will not reschedule a class for that reason more than once. 

If you want to participate in Hunter Safety Education Course, the class dates are on this calendar. However, you must sign up at for those classes.

All CCW classes are conducted at the Rowan County Wildlife Association range at 650 Majolica Road, Salisbury, NC.  It is an excellent facility providing both classroom space and range time.

Claude Paris, Instructor
Paris Firearms Training
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