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DEFINITION:  Concealed Carry or CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) refers to the practice of a person carrying a weapon (usually a handgun) in public and concealed on your person or in proximity to you such as in your car.  

Illegally concealing a handgun is a felony in many states.  Conviction automatically results in forfeiting your gun rights for life.  Additional penalties for unlawful concealment can include fines, jail time, loss of voting rights, etc.  Don't take a chance!  

Get a CCW permit and know your rights and your liability.  Even a citizen with a CCW may be prosecuted for failing to abide by state and federal laws that regulate those with CCW permits.

Even when there is a self-defense situation, there can be serious civil or criminal liabilities when a concealed carry permit holder brandishes or fires his/her weapon.  

Simply pointing a firearm at any person is felony assault with a deadly weapon unless the situation requires a demonstration of force.  

Be sure if you have a CCW that you stay current on the laws and your liability should a situation occur.

Concealed Carry



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Why take your CCW Conceal Carry class with Paris Firearms?
  • One day class
  • Availability now - no 6-8 week wait!
  • Affordable at $80 per person - others charge up to $175
  • Qualified, Certified Instructor
  • Over 40 years of experience with firearms
  • Private and group classes offered
  • One on one training available

Paris Firearms will provide you with the:

Certified CCW training course which will devote time to liability issues, changing laws, gun safety, range time for the purpose of demonstrating safety and proficiency with your handgun, and more. Any student who passes the test and properly demonstrates safety and proficiency with a handgun will receive documentation at the end of the day that can be taken to your local county Sheriff's office to apply for your CCW permit.

Things To Know:
  • You don't have to own a gun to take the class. Borrow one from a friend or use a loaner from the instructor. (Notify instructor ahead of time.)
  • Must provide your own ammo for whatever gun you will use - minimum 30 rounds.
  • Class takes approximately 8 hours plus 1 hour range time.
  • Women are welcome! They are great shooters . . .
  • You don't have to take the class in the county you live in, just take your paperwork after class to the Sheriff's Dept in the county you live in to apply for your permit.

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